NOTICE: OpenAgua is currently on pause as we seek further funding support. However, it remains under active development. Stay tuned!
OpenAgua helps bring water system models to the web.

The goals of OpenAgua are to leverage web technologies and cloud computer for a modern online basin-scale water system modeling experience.



OpenAgua integrates some of the best open source technologies available today to create a rich application for water system modeling.

Water system modeling

Model water systems with traditional simulation or more advanced, state-of-the-art optimization methods.

Sharing and collaboration

OpenAgua enables easy and flexible sharing and collaboration between experts, decision-makers, and stakeholders.

Modern data organization

Water system data is organized using Hydra Platform, a modern data representation layer and web server for networks.

Flexible computing

Use the compute engine of your choice for the heavy lifting, from your own laptop to OpenAgua-managed cluster computers in the cloud.

Integrated data analytics

Explore planning scenario outcomes with integrated analytic tools, and connect with powerful 3rd party visualization applications.

Open Source

Open source enables transparency, opportunities for collaborative improvements, and customizations.

Previous funding support

Rockefeller Foundation
AWS Research Credits